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  • Massage Therapy - A Hands-On Curriculum

    With our nine-month(2) Massage Therapy Diploma Program, students receive personalized instruction from instructors with real-world experience.

    The curriculum is designed to teach students how to apply hands-on (manual) therapeutic massage techniques and adjunctive therapies to positively affect the health and well-being of the client.

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    Massage Therapy Courses

    Our program consists of nine learning units called modules. Once you complete the first six modules, you'll participate in an externship at the on-campus Massage Therapy Clinic to gain practical, hands-on experience by performing massages on clients.(1) Additionally, the curriculum helps to prepare students for the exam to become a licensed massage therapist.

    Massage Therapy Diploma Courses

    Anatomy and Physiology I
    Hygiene and Infection Control
    Massage Technique I
    Computer Applications
    Business Practices/Medical Error Prevention
    Career Development
    Anatomy and Physiology II
    State Laws and Professional Ethics
    Massage Technique II/Musculatory Anatomy and Physiology
    Hydrotherapy, Electrotherapy, Heliotherapy and CPR
    Massage Technique III
    Clinical Internship