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  • Dental Assisting Diploma

    Greenspoint - Campus

    Experience: That's key to our dental assisting diploma program. Our instructor team has more than 40 years of combined experience and dentistry specializations.

    If you're looking for a dental assisting program in the Houston area that provides hands-on training, opportunities for certification, and modern equipment, check out Remington College – Greenspoint Campus.

    Call or request information about our Dental Assisting school program in Greenspoint/Houston.

    Remington College - Greenspoint Campus Dental Assistant Program

    Our North Houston Campus is committed to your education in dental assisting. Everyone, from our admissions representatives, to our student finance associates, to our instructors, to our career services personnel, is here to serve you so that you can achieve well-rounded training in dental assisting.

    Our Dental Assisting classesin Greenspoint are hands-on. One of the first pieces of equipment introduced is the manual/digital X-ray, which helps students learn about dental diagnostics. Students begin working in a simulated chairside dental assisting procedure starting with the third month of class.

    Depending on where you are in the Dental Assistant training program, you might be learning in our:

    • Lecture classroom.
    • Operative dental lab.
    • X-ray lab/lecture room.
    • Computer lab.

    You might also be learning in an actual dental office!

    Dental Assistant Externship and Certification

    As a dental assisting student, you may enjoy the opportunity to engage in an externship if you qualify.(2) Several North Houston dental offices accept our externs. In fact, some of our past students, including one of our first graduates from 2009, have been hired straight out of their externships.(1)

    When you finish your dental assistant training, you'll be eligible to take the state exam to become a Registered Dental Assistant,(1) and we cover the examination fee for your first attempt! We also provide assistance in preparing for the certification exam, giving you access to study materials while you're in school.

    Dental Assistant Training in Class and in the North Houston Community

    Students in our North Houston Dental Assisting school program have opportunities to learn and give back and to make connections in the community.

    • Campus Support Services: Not only do we hold weekly tutoring sessions, but our students also form study groups for test days.
    • Community Involvement: Remington College gives back, and dental assisting students at our North Houston Campushave helped the local community safeguard local children by creating “toothprints.” Since dental imprints are as unique as fingerprints, capturing a child's toothprint can help with identification and even scent-dog tracking (because of the saliva). Safe Smiles is one of many community activities that you, as a Remington College Dental Assisting student, can participate in to get to know locals and improve your skills.