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  • Houston Job Development Specialist is a Licensed Pharmacy Technician Who Helps Graduates Find Careers

    As a Pharmacy Technician (PT) Job Development Specialist at Remington College - Houston Campus, Felton Young is dedicated to helping his students and graduates make an impact. As part of National Pharmacy Week in October 2009, Mr. Young arranged a morning visit to a local company, PharMEDium, and took seven PT students with him to learn how the business operates and to interview for job openings.

    In preparing for the visit, Mr. Young spent hours with the students practicing interview techniques. "I have a set of personal values I refer to as I.C.A.R.E.," he says. "I believe that if we show our students that we're really committed to them and demonstrate the importance of Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence, they will be well prepared to succeed in their careers."

    Accompanied by Houston Campus representative Osaze Ohonba, Mr. Young and the students were indeed well-prepared for their visit to PharMEDium, bringing along their résumés as well as a variety of breakfast goodies. As described by Mr. Young, "National Pharmacy Week is a time for vendors, pharmaceutical companies, and other industry concerns to show their appreciation to our pharmacies by doing things like serving breakfast and lunch to employees."

    During the gathering in the company breakroom, PharMEDium presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Young in recognition of the positive relationship he has helped them to foster with Remington College. Afterward, PharMEDium's hiring managers took some time to review and discuss each applicant's abilities during individual interviews. "The company also happened to have four PT positions available. More than 30 applicants applied, yet having been impressed with our students' interviews, they ended up hiring Remington College students to fill all four positions," Mr. Young reports.

    Asked what the Houston Campus PT students learned from their experience at PharMEDium, Mr. Young comments, "I think they learned that, even though you may not have any hospital experience or IV experience, you can still get hired by a major hospital or infusion company if you apply yourself in the interview professionally and complete your required certifications. If you show the talent, dedication, and drive to succeed, employers like PharMEDium will give you a chance.