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  • Houston Southeast Campus "Goes Texan"

    Contributed by Andrea Green, Campus Librarian

    Students, faculty, and staff wore their best western wear at Remington College - Houston Southeast Campus on Thursday, February 24, in celebration of the opening day of this year's 79th annual Houston Rodeo and Stock Show.

    A Texas-style meal of Frito pie with chili was served by Campus President Robert Doty and Director of Education Robert Mauk, with assistance from faculty members.

    Go Texan Day was officially launched in the 1950s to help build a spirit of excitement for the Houston rodeo and to help educate non-Houstonians unfamiliar with the rodeo experience.

    To learn more about Go Texan Day, visit Go Texan Day.

    L-R: Campus President Robert Doty,
    CNA Student Matthew Hawkins,
    Director of Education Robert Mauk

    L-R: MBC Students Josephine Mirador,
    Andrea Bazan, Ashley Kelley

    L-R: Allied Health Instructors
    Ross Hendricks, Millicent James