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  • Shreveport College Instructor Guides Team Effort and Fair Play, in the Classroom and on the Field

    Contributed by Kristi Kohl, Campus Librarian

    In addition to being part of our Business Office Management associate's degree instructor team at Remington College - Shreveport Campus, Danielle Driver is an important member of another team: She spends her Saturdays refereeing Pee Wee Football League games for Bossier Parks and Recreation.

    The Experience of Being a Referee

    To referee for the youth league, Ms. Driver had to demonstrate an understanding of game rules and knowledge of the official hand/arm signals.

    Although the league consists of children ages 5 to 12, Ms. Driver prefers refereeing games for the 5- and 6-year-olds. She says, "I enjoy watching the little ones work so hard to be good at an all-American game."

    Despite knowing that she might face negative feedback from onlookers as a female referee, Ms. Driver was determined to follow through with her goal.

    She said, "Although I was well aware of the possible gender discrimination that could be prevalent in a predominantly male sport, my Saturdays were usually free, and I love football, so what better way to be a part of the game?"

    Potential Influence on Future Generations of Women

    Ms. Driver reflected on her experiences so far and the impact she hopes her involvement will have: "My fellow refs are awesome and welcome my presence and interest in the game. But, I've also encountered some snickers, comments, and odd looks from parents and coaches alike. However, I'd like to make women out there - especially those who may be leery of trying new things based on fears of how their gender may be perceived - understand that, whatever a woman puts her mind to, she can do."

    "The glass ceiling is still there, in sports and in business, but we're chipping away at it one piece at a time. And, in the process, we're paving the way for our daughters to enjoy more and benefit more from an entirely equal society, no matter what they choose to do in life."

    Team Approach in the Shreveport College Classroom

    Ms. Driver sees the parallels between team play and the teamwork involved in teaching and in being part of a class.

    She often looks for opportunities to apply lessons learned on the football field to her classroom instruction. "I love teaching at Remington and enjoy those associated intrinsic rewards. As time goes by, I will continue to try to integrate the two experiences and apply a 'teamwork' rationale to my class lessons," she noted.