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  • Lafayette Computer and Network Administration Degree

    Remington College in Lafayette has provided hands-on training in computer and information technology since 1999.

    We're a proven educational provider, in tune with the latest developments in the field, and in touch with the IT needs of today's large and small businesses in the Acadiana and Lafayette area.

    Call or request information to learn more about our Lafayette Computer and Networking Administration degree.

    Study Topics Relevant to the Future of Information Technology

    Remington College's Lafayette Computer and Network Administration degree program emphasizes theory and hands-on learning. Our Microsoft Academy designation is a plus, because it's well-recognized and respected in the industry and by potential employers.

    Our goal is to train students who are ready to implement and administer a small- to medium-sized network, which is an advantage for those looking for their first career opportunity in the field.(1)

    The depth and breadth of our training is designed to provide you with well-rounded technical abilities and is aimed at enabling any IT employer to confidently hire you.(1)

    Hands-On Training In the Classroom and Lafayette Community

    As a Computer and Network Administration degree student at our college in Lafayette, you can get hands-on experience inside and outside the classroom.

    For instance, our Campus recently coordinated a student volunteer effort to relocate servers for a local hospital. Our students helped to facilitate the move during a weekend, which involved:

    • Installing/configuring/optimizing databases
    • Creating and managing the domain
    • Reimaging PCs
    • Creating ISOs
    • Deploying computers and peripheral equipment

    We also frequently invite our former graduates who are working in the field back to Campus as guest speakers. Several local IT managers have also spoken to our students about the realities and opportunities of working in the IT field.(1)

    Legacy and Current Microsoft Operating Systems Available

    We offer five certifications in Microsoft (MOAC) and two in CompTIA, and your first try at each certification exam is on us!

    We use virtual machines in our labs to make hands-on training easier and more accessible. This gives you flexibility in selecting different operating systems for your hands-on work.

    Want to expand your horizons in the world of information technology?

    Want more details about this great opportunity to earn your degree, get a chance to earn up to seven professional Microsoft and CompTIA certifications, and expand your horizons in the growing world of IT? Call Remington College today!