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  • Criminal Justice Associate Degree Job Outlook

    Remington College's Criminal Justice Associate Degree course work focuses on details of law enforcement, including constitutional law, criminal investigation and evidence processing, communications for the criminal justice professional, and security management.

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    What Criminal Justice careers may graduates be qualified to pursue upon graduation?

    • Corrections Officer: Oversee incarcerated inmates who are awaiting trial or have been convicted of a crime
    • Security Guard: Patrol and protect property and people
    • Police and Detectives: Enforce laws and respond to calls for service
    • Private Detectives and Investigators: Conduct surveillance, collect evidence, interview people to gather information, and more.

    What is the outlook for Criminal Justice careers?

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), from 2014 to 2024 career opportunities for Police and Detectives are expected to grow at 4 percent while opportunities for Private Detectives and Investigators are expected to grow at 5 percent.(2,3,4)

    Employment opportunities for Security Guards should be favorable and as fast as the average at 5 percent during the same time frame.(5) The BLS also expects employment of Correctional Officers to grow 4 percent.(6)

    What skills and training can help graduates prepare for Criminal Justice careers?

    People seeking a criminal justice career should generally have strong writing skills because they are required to prepare many reports. Also helpful are excellent listening and communication skills to work effectively with offenders.(2)

    Graduates of the Remington College Criminal Justice associate degree program may be poised to leave the program with a broad understanding of criminal justice and the ability to apply that understanding to real-world scenarios.(1)