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  • Associate in Criminal Justice

    Little Rock Campus

    At Remington College - Little Rock, our instructors draw on their practice in the field to influence their criminal justice instruction.

    The criminal justice, our program aims to help Little Rock college students understand what directions they may be able to take with their criminal justice education. It's a diverse field with many potential directions, and our program is designed to give our students the chance to prepare themselves for many different career possibilities.(1) 

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    Remington College - Little Rock Criminal Justice Program Overview

    Theoretical, classroom education is just the start in our Little Rock, AR criminal justice associate degree. In addition to courses including criminology, policing, crime scene investigation, forensics and more, our students engage in hands-on application of skills. For example, you can practice blood spatter detection and fingerprint analysis in our Criminal Justice lab.

    The resumes of our instructors include experience in local law firms, the Arkansas Department of Human Services, the Department of Community Corrections, and the Jefferson County Juvenile Court.

    Visit Remington College - Little Rock Campus Today!

    The Remington College - Little Rock Campus has formed guest speaker relationships with the local criminal justice community to benefit our students. In addition to our instructors with real-world experience, guest speakers are invited to share their knowledge, such as detectives from the Little Rock Police Department.

    We also welcome visits from local organizations and agencies of interest, including: