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  • Memphis Medical Assisting Student Helps to Save a Life

    On September 17, 2011, Memphis Campus Medical Assisting student Jameka Love was attending a community church picnic. Jameka was sitting at a picnic table eating lunch when she was suddenly called on to help a 15-year-old girl who had fallen and was having difficulty breathing.

    Jameka, who had received training in handling patient emergencies and several other clinical procedures through the Remington College Medical Assisting program, first called 911 and then cautioned everyone not to move the girl and to move away so that she could get oxygen. Next, Jameka elevated the young lady's head and took her vital signs.

    Jameka kept the girl calm and still until the paramedics arrived, within 10 minutes. According to the paramedics, the young lady's vital signs were very faint, and she was transported to the hospital. Thanks to Jameka's quick response, the young lady was properly cared for.

    Jameka said, "I felt very shocked at first but was proud of myself for not panicking and being able to help the young lady because of my training, especially Mod D."

    Jameka recently finished her externship and was awarded the Star Student Award in addition to receiving an outstanding recommendation from her site manager for a job well done.

    Bravo, Jameka!