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  • Graduate Profile: Lisa Purcell, September 2008 Medical Insurance & Coding Graduate

    Lisa Purcell came to Remington College - Tampa Campus looking for a fresh start. A student in her late 40s, Lisa excelled academically from day one, mostly due to her determination to succeed. Lisa struggled for years with health problems, but this time she was determined not to let that interfere with her ability to finish school. And she did so with a 3.7 GPA.

    During her program, Lisa made sure that the instructors, staff, and students got to know her by asking questions in class, tutoring classmates, and suggesting externship sites to the Allied Health Department Chair. She continued to struggle with health problems and financial problems throughout her program, but she always communicated her situation, made sure all of her classwork was completed on time, and met all her obligations.

    Once she graduated, Lisa stayed in touch with the Career Services Department. In the first months following her graduation, she continued having health problems that hindered her ability to interview, and the job search was taking longer than she expected. That changed, however, when she interviewed with Coventry Health Care and was hired as a medical coder in February 2009, four months after graduating. Lisa is enjoying her new career and is an example of how a person's strong will, perseverance, and unflinching faith can change a life.