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  • Events for Medical Billing and Coding Students

    Medical Billing and Coding students can often be found in their labs, studying the latest health insurance information. But when they're not at a computer, they can be found participating in on and off-campus events. Check out what our students have been up to and schedule a tour to see the facilities for yourself!

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    • Succeeding Means Hard Work
      Life happens. It's how you deal with what happens that helps to define who you are. In the case of Fort Worth Medical Billing and Coding graduate Carissa Crum, several setbacks in her life proved to offer valuable lessons in how to get tough and never give up. Learn more about how Carissa worked hard to beat the odds and find success by clicking the story link....
    • Kishva Daniel Shreveport Medical Billing Coding Student Military Veteran
      Kishva Daniel, a Medical Billing and Coding student at Remington College – Shreveport Campus, is a U.S. military veteran who has been afforded many opportunities through the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV), an organization based in Syracuse, New York.
    • Allied Health Students at Fort Worth Campus Focus on Certification
      Representing our Medical Assisting with X-Ray (Limited Scope)/EKG and Medical Billing and Coding programs, a group of 51 Fort Worth Campus Allied Health students accepted the challenge, studied hard, and prepared to take one of the following certification exams on May 20, 2011: coding, medical assisting, EKG, or phlebotomy. “Passing my certification exam will allow me to have more opportunities in the medical field,” said MA-X student Julieta Serano.
    • Remington College Helps Proclaim March 24 “Medical Biller's Day” in Louisiana
      Doctors and nurses are often recognized for their professional efforts. Now, thanks in part to the efforts of Remington College in Shreveport, another group of hard-working health care professionals is being recognized for their contributions....
    • Remington College Names Singer AJ Green Spokesperson for 2011 Blood Drive Campaign
      AJ Green will share his battle with sickle cell disease as part of Remington College effort to increase minority blood donations AJ Green has performed for two U.S. presidents and shared the stage with Elton John, Bill Cosby and Jennifer Hudson.
    • Medical Coding Careers Outlook Archive
      Learn the medical coding career possibilities with an education in Medical Billing and Coding.
    • 9Health Fair at Colorado Springs Campus Helps the Public, Builds Students' Skills
      Promoting continued good health among local residents is a key goal at our Colorado Springs college campus, as is the chance to provide our students with hands-on learning experiences. On Monday, April 19, 2010, both of those goals came together, as Remington College – Colorado Springs Campus marked its third time as a host of the Southern Colorado 9Health Fair.
    • May Is National Wellness Month…
      And it's good time to schedule a checkup with your doctor. For a career checkup, check out some of the Remington College Health Care programs that can give you the skills needed for an entry-level position in the health care industry.
    • Graduate Profile: Lisa Purcell, September 2008 Medical Insurance & Coding Graduate
      Lisa Purcell came to Remington College – Tampa Campus looking for afresh start. A student in her late 40s, Lisa excelled academically fromday one, mostly due to her determination to succeed. Lisa struggled foryears with health problems, but this time she was determined not to letthat interfere with her ability to finish school. And she did so with a3.7 GPA.
    • Shreveport Campus Mentoring Program Creates Valuable Support System for New Medical Billing and Codi
      The Medical Billing and Coding (MBC) Program at Remington College – Shreveport Campus has started a voluntary mentoring program as a support system for incoming MBC students. Dubbed the 'Bridgebuilder Program,' members held their first 'mixer' on January 8, 2010.
    • A Day in the Life of a Medical Billing Coder
      Medical coders have the ability to work in the health care field without being responsible for a patient's physical care. After a patient receives treatment at a doctor's office or hospital, medical billing coders are responsible for billing the patient's insurance company. Each treatment and diagnosis is assigned a unique code, which the medical billing coder enters into a special software system. These codes tell insurance companies exactly what the reimbursement for each treatment should be, allowing the billing and payment process to run quickly and efficiently.
    • Remington College-Colorado Springs Campus Offers New Medical Insurance and Coding Program
      (September 22, 2009) - Colorado Springs, CO – Remington College-Colorado Springs Campus is enrolling students for its new Medical Insurance and Coding Diploma program.
    • Understanding Medical Billing and Medical Coding
      If you're interested in medical insurance and coding as a career option, it may be helpful to understand the relationship between...
    • Some Important Facts About Medical Coding and Billing
      If you enjoy working with records and numbers, have an eye for detail, and would like to join the booming field of healthcare, consider pursuing a medical coding and billing career. Medical coding and billing specialists play an important role in the medical services industry. They keep accurate records of patients' symptoms, medical histories, and medical procedures, treatments, and outcomes like exam results, lab or X-ray test results, diagnoses, and treatment plans.