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  • Memphis Cosmetology Students Help Local Special-Needs Middle School Students Select a New Look

    On January 15, 2010, Remington College - Memphis hosted a group of seven special needs students from South Side Middle School, in Memphis.

    Accompanied by their teachers Ms. Beaumont, Ms. Elan, and Ms. Shaw, the group was met by Department Chair Kimberly Beaumont and Campus Receptionist Debra Gray.

    The local sixth, seventh, and eighth graders enjoyed a tour of the school, a meet-and-greet session with several instructors, and a visit to the campus salon for hair and nail services.

    Each member of Ms. Tina Pilgram's COS III Module C senior class of Cosmetology students was paired with a South Side Middle School student to conduct an individual client consultation, help them select a new hairstyle, and provide a shampoo, styling, and manicure.

    Their teachers also received hair and nail services, taking advantage of the January Cosmetology promotion. Ms. Pilgram's class was later asked to complete an essay about their experience. "This was a great learning opportunity for everyone," commented Memphis College Campus President Dr. Lori May.

    "The South Side Middle School students got to see our Campus setting, learn about cosmetology as a career, and experience some of our salon services firsthand, and our seniors benefited from the chance to use their learned skills with real clients. I think everyone really enjoyed their time together," she added.