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  • Computer and Electronics Graduates Make an Impact at Flextronics in Memphis

    As an established Program Advisory Committee member for our electronics and computer-focused degree programs at Remington College in Memphis, Blanchard Winbush saw an opportunity for our students to get preliminary training with a local division of Flextronics.

    Flextronics is a globally recognized Fortune 500 company that designs, builds, ships, and services electronic products for customers all over the world. These products include PC desktops, laptops, robotics, wireless routers, medical diagnostic equipment, and more.

    Until recently, Flextronics had no internship programs in the area of computer repair. So Mr. Winbush, who is the Safety Manager for Flextronics Global Services in Memphis, worked closely with our Career Services Representative Angela Poole. Their plan was to provide students with preliminary training designed to help them gain confidence with their soft skills, and with testing criteria, so they could be better prepared to go through the interviewing process.

    The result of this collaboration is known asf the Flextronics Interview Preparation Program (IPP), and our students, graduates, and the employees at Flextronics are seeing definite results.

    What Is the Flextronics IPP?

    The program, created specifically for Remington College students, consists of the following:

    • A tour of the Flextronics Computer Repair Center worksite
    • An introduction to, and a presentation by, the technical trainers in the two computer repair programs (Apple and IBM)
    • An opportunity to sit with the repair technicians at their actual workstations
    • A discussion and presentation of the electronic components of computer laptops
    • A basic computer knowledge test, followed by a review of the completed test, to gauge students' awareness of the repair environment
    • A question-and-answer session with a hiring agency representative from Aerotek Corporation
    • A discussion of soft skills and interview preparedness

    How the IPP Has Made a Difference

    "The IPP is helping to ensure that our electronics and computer networking students and graduates are confident, strong candidates for hire.

    While no reputable college can guarantee employment, each of the students who successfully completed the IPP have been hired to date," said Department Chair Laurie Hutchins.

    The group working at Flextronics has excelled, which is no surprise to their Remington College instructors Frederick Wiseman and Kenneth Broome.

    Ron Beck, a January 2007 Electronics and Computer Technology (ECT) graduate, learned the ropes by working as an independent consultant in PC helpdesk and repair, which helped him to gain the experience he needed for employment with Flextronics.

    Roman Brooks graduated from the Computer and Network Administration (CNA) Program in March 2009 and has displayed his professionalism and expertise at Flextronics for more than three years. "Roman showed a focus that is rare for many students that young. It's no surprise to me that he is employed in his field of study and doing an outstanding job," said Mr. Broome.

    As a July 2009 ECT graduate who overcame personal loss, Dominique Swain is a survivor. "She is a self-starter who rarely needs supervision and exceeds expectations. Dominique also handles pressure well and will voluntarily work in other areas without being asked," said Mr. Wiseman.

    Robin Washington, a January 2011 ECT graduate with honors, completed her last term with computer architecture (software and hardware) courses and is preparing to take her CompTIA A+ certification exam. "Robin is very studious and dedicated, and I'm sure that she will demonstrate those same qualities in her professional pursuits and achieve much success in doing so," noted Mr. Broome.

    Samuel Lake, a currently enrolled ECT student, was successful with the preliminary preparation and training, which played a key role in helping him pass the entrance tests and gain employment. Mr. Wiseman noted that "Samuel is a bright individual with high-quality technical skills. He can adapt well in different environments and is a quick study."

    How Our Memphis Graduates Are Doing on the Job at Flextronics

    "All of the graduates are all doing extremely well," said Mr. Winbush, adding, "It has now gotten to the point where the Flextronics hiring agency is requesting Remington College candidates. In fact, since the photo was taken, we have already hired another student, Lawrence Odom, as a technician in our IBM program, and we are excited about hiring more students in the near future."

    During a recent informal group meeting at Flextronics, the group shared their accomplishments and challenges in working with the two laptop repair programs (Apple and IBM) and in the Flextronics IT Department. Mr. Winbush commented, "It was wonderful to witness the culmination of the process for each individual as they sat in that room, laughing and sharing with one another. It was a fitting commemoration of the work and the degree of determination from all the participants that went into making that moment possible."