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  • ASSOCIATE DEGREE in Criminal Justice

    Memphis Campus

    If you're interested in pursuing a criminal justice degree, think about the practical, career-focused training you can receive at the Remington College - Memphis campus.

    Since 2003, our program has tackled the diverse field of criminal justice and aimed to help students understand how they can contribute to the Memphis, TN community as a criminal justice professional. (1)

    Call or request information to learn more about our Memphis Criminal Justice school.

    Hands-On Criminal Justice Training

    Our instructors have backgrounds in criminal justice fields, with many drawn from previous positions in criminal justice organizations.

    As a student in the Memphis criminal justice program, you will have the opportunity to study many critical elements of criminal justice including:

    • Criminology
    • Victimology
    • Security
    • Evidence processing
    • Constitutional and criminal law 

    You can also practice the skills you learn in our criminal justice lab. For example, you might participate in a mock trial to learn about criminal prosecution, or apply skills like fingerprint analysis as part of your crime scene analysis curriculum.

    Learn the Memphis Criminal Justice System

    • Memphis Police Department
    • Germantown Police Department
    • Crisis intervention teams
    • Tennessee Bureau of Investigations

    Come train with us in a student-friendly criminal justice associate degree program and join our Memphis chapter of Omega Eta Psi! Contact us today!