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  • Pharmacy Technician Diploma

    Memphis Campus

    Just as the pharmacy tech field has grown over the last decade,(1) so has our Pharmacy Technician program in Memphis. Since our program began at Memphis in January 2004, it's seen its first class of 20 student grow to as high as 140 student enrollees.

    What makes our program at our Memphis campus stand out? We think it's our career-focused curriculum,(2) the interesting hands-on labs and classroom experiences, and our dedicated instructors who care about your success.

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    Remington College - Memphis Campus Pharmacy Tech Program Overview

    Our Pharmacy Tech training school in Memphis has two labs specifically designed for simulated pharmacy operations.

    • Lab 131 is used as a simulated outpatient pharmacy. This lab features sample bottles for dispensing as well as some outpatient compounding items. Script Assist software and compounding logs are used in this part of the program. Mock phone calls and customer service skills are practiced as well.
    • Lab 132 is the simulated inpatient pharmacy lab. During this portion of the training, students work with four different types of IV flow hoods, prepare for using sterile products (while they work toward earning their Sterile Products certification), and practice how to manage a 24-hour patient floor stock.

    Pharmacy Technician Training

    As a student in our Memphis Pharmacy Technician program, you'll begin the majority of your hands-on activities in the second half of your diploma program.

    Activities include working in groups of eight in our mock inpatient labs, or working in a group of six to nine in our mock outpatient setting. You'll spend time training in each part of pharmacy lab to get a better idea of what happens in each area of a typical day-to-day pharmacy operation.

    Our program can also help you prepare to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT).

    Products and Equipment

    Our lab equipment includes laminar flow cabinets, more than 240 medicinal samples (placebos), and a variety of compounding products.

    Compounding and Sterile Products are two classes that stand out as favorites to our students. Many students tell us they particularly enjoy the program because of how much compounding they can do and how many different items they can actually make themselves.

    Working with sterile products (intravenous solutions) also holds interest for many, because they can see firsthand how one small vial of medicine (again, a placebo) can be diluted and made into something so effective.

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    Together, they have many years of experience ranging from retail pharmacy to all aspects of hospital pharmacy.

    What's more, they're eager to share their knowledge and in-field expertise, and they're committed to offering you the kind of individual support that may make the difference in your success as a Pharmacy Tech student.

    The Memphis Pharmacy Technician diploma program has programmatic accreditation from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) The ASHP is a nationally recognized non-profit pharmacy association that has been accrediting pharmacy technician training programs since 1983. The group says this about accreditation: "Accreditation seeks to enhance the quality of a program/ institution by promoting self evaluation; encouraging quality improvement; and providing public accountability by ensuring specific criteria are met."