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  • Nashville Campus Mentoring Program Encourages Student Support, Fellowship

    Students helping students: That's the message and mission of our Nashville Campus's recently initiated mentoring program on Campus.

    The "help" can include anything from how to find a classroom to how to study and prepare for the next test. Students in all active diploma programs (Cosmetology, Dental Assisting, Medical Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding) and degree programs (Criminal Justice, Dental Hygiene) are eligible to participate in the mentoring program.

    Criteria for Student Mentoring at Nashville College
    To qualify to become a mentor, a student must have completed at least three program modules, have at least a 3.5 GPA, and submit an application along with two letters of recommendation from instructors.

    The Campus seeks students who behave professionally and can act as role models for others. Once students are selected as mentors, they receive a lapel pin to wear on their student ID lanyard so that other students can identify them.

    How the Program Can Help Nashville College Students
    "We started the program so that new students who may be too intimidated to ask questions of teachers or administrators have someone they can turn to for answers. We also partner student mentors with fellow students who may be struggling with a technical concept or with terminology as personal tutors. We also have mentors from each program arrive early on start days to walk all new students to class. The added benefit is that each new student is introduced to a fellow student immediately and hopefully feels a connection to school very quickly, so he or she may be less apt to drop out," said Nashville Director of Education Lori Bankey.

    Positive Change Already Under Way
    Nashville Cosmetology Department Chair Robin Wilson recently held a leadership training class to better prepare her students to be mentors. Although the class ended a short time ago, she has already noticed a positive change in the students.

    Ms. Wilson believes wholeheartedly in this quote by Muhammad Ali: "Service is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." She notes that "Students are taking responsibility for creating the atmosphere, and they have taken the lead in promoting teamwork. Because our teachers can't be everywhere, the student mentors are our eyes and ears, so we have a better idea of how to serve, and service, our students more effectively."