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  • Remington College in Mobile, AL

    Welcome to Remington College in Mobile

    Open the door to our Mobile Campus, and you’ll see a reception area that is bright, inviting, and friendly. 

    Our staff and faculty are accessible throughout your training with us, even after you graduate. And the best doors we can help you open are those that may lead to a new career.(1) We’ve been helping folks do that since we opened our own doors as the very first “Southeast College of Technology” in July 1986.

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    College Degrees in Mobile, AL

    Mobile, Alabama Degree and Diploma Programs

    Our Mobile, Alabama college offers a variety of degree and diploma programs from you to choose from. Learn which programs are available and find the one that may be right for you!


    Directions to our Mobile, AL College

    Directions to Our Mobile, Alabama Campus

    Remington College – Mobile Campus is located at:
    828 Downtowner Loop West
    Mobile, AL 36609

    Click the link below to get directions to the campus.


    News about our Mobile, AL college

    Mobile, Alabama Campus News

    Learn what life is like at our Mobile, Alabama Campus! Read about the latest on-campus student events, graduate profiles, news and more.
  • Care and Commitment at Our Mobile Campus

    Being responsive to you and your needs is our goal at Remington College – Mobile Campus.

    It starts at the beginning when, as a new student, you meet our senior management team during your orientation. This allows you to get to know them and helps them get to know you.

    As you move through your college degree or diploma program, we strive to keep in regular contact with you and provide one-on-one attention to you, whether you’re in a classroom or laboratory or visiting with Department Directors, Career Services, Student Finance, the Registrar’s Office, or just about anyone else on Campus.

    We think it’s our “open-door policy” – our personalized level of care and commitment and our desire to help you succeed – that helps us stand out and will help you feel you’ve made the right choice in selecting Remington College in Mobile.

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    In Touch with the Mobile Community

    Local business representatives who are members of our Program Advisory Committee, or PAC, regularly give us useful feedback on our programs, textbooks, facilities, equipment, and more to make sure we’re continuing to meet your educational and career needs and the staffing needs of the Mobile community.(1)

    Top local companies or representatives who have paid recent visits to our Mobile college include: 

    • Members of the Mobile Police Department.
    • Representatives from Hancock and BBVA Banks.
    • Ryla Call Center employees and managers.

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    Responsive to Mobile County’s Needs

    On-Campus events include the following: 

    • Our Campus hosts an annual job fair organized by Career Services.
    • We’ve sponsored a Community Fair each of the past few years.
    • We hold at least three blood drives each year.
    • Our Cosmetology program sponsors several events that offer complimentary services to various groups, including children returning to school and teenagers preparing for their prom.

    These and other visitors and events offer students a variety of opportunities to network with people in the area, interact with the community, and give something back to people in the Mobile area.

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    Mobile College Degree and Diploma Programs

    At our Mobile Campus, you can choose from these career-focused degree and diploma programs: 

    • Computer and Network Administration, which helps you prepare for roles in information technology support and network operations.(1) 
    • Computer-Aided Design and Drafting, which offers training in drafting skills and shows you how to apply those skills in designing mechanical, electrical, piping, civil, structural, and architectural systems.
    • Cosmetology, offering you hands-on training in skin, hair, and nail care in a salon-like environment.
    • Medical Assisting, which lets you learn and practice techniques like CPR and blood pressure monitoring.
    • Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope), which can prepare you in the proper techniques for positioning patients and taking X-rays.
    • Medical Billing and Coding, in which you can get hands-on training in medical terminology and coding for medical billing and insurance purposes.
    • Pharmacy Technician, which can show you how to work hand in hand with pharmacists to help mix, measure, and dispense medications in retail, mail-order, or hospital pharmacies, assisted-living facilities, and more.(1) 
    • Process Technology, which shows you how to work safely with, troubleshoot, resolve problems with, and conduct quality testing on processing equipment like pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, distillation columns, boilers, and furnaces.

    We look forward to talking with you about your interests and how we may be able to help you achieve your educational and career goals.(1) Our door is always open, so call or stop by our Mobile Campus today!

    Remington College – Mobile Campus is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). 

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    * Must meet minimum GPA requirements to qualify for externship opportunities.
    (1)Employment upon graduation not guaranteed.