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  • Pharmacy Technician Diploma

    Mobile Campus

    If you're looking for a Pharmacy Technician school in Mobile, AL, then chances are you've heard of us. Since 2003, we've helped train students who, like you, want to become certified pharmacy techs and pursue careers in pharmacology.(1)

    At our Mobile campus, you'll get the chance to study in a realistic pharmacy environment, work with chemicals to make compounds, simulate filling prescriptions, and prepare to earn valuable certifications!

    Call or request information to learn more about our Pharmacy Technician school in Mobile, AL.

    Remington College - Mobile Campus Pharmacy Technician Program Overview

    Our Mobile Pharmacy Technician diploma program has a classroom and a dedicated lab stocked with more than a hundred compounding agents stored in alphabetical order, from acacia gum to white wax. Our program exposes you to the potential opportunities available as a pharmacy technician.(1) 

    Our mock pharmacy features a clean IV room on one side and a retail facility on the other. Both settings are very similar to what you will find in an actual working pharmacy.

    In our labs, you can receive hands-on training in how to:

    • Work with chemicals to make compounds.
    • Use different compounding methods like the English, Continental, and Bottle methods.
    • Use fusion by heat, water bath, and molding.
    • Manipulate needles and IV bags using aseptic technique in a laminar airflow hood, in accordance with USP 797 standards.
    • Use the personal protective equipment worn while preparing intravenous medication.
    • Simulate handling hazardous compounded medications, like those used in chemotherapy.

    Pharmacy Technician Training

    You begin training in the mock pharmacy on a daily basis once you enter the second half of your program.

    In our retail pharmacy setting, you can gain practice in how to:

    • Work with pharmacists and customers.
    • Enter prescription information and simulated patient data into a computerized system.
    • Fill a wide variety of placebo prescriptions from the same bottles and packaging found at a typical corner drugstore.
    • Process refills.
    • File insurance claims.
    • And more.

    Our Pharmacy Tech training program's last module is an externship, giving you a chance to learn from the pros as you intern in an actual retail, home infusion, or mail-order pharmacy.(2)

    Visit Today at Remington College - Mobile Campus 

    Our instructor team keeps our Pharmacy Technician students in Mobile actively engaged in learning the materials necessary to make them successful.(1) Our instructors draw on their own professional backgrounds and make their classroom experiences fun and relevant to today's needs.

    The members of our Pharmacy Tech instructor team at Mobile come from hospital and retail backgrounds and have the following additional credentials:

    • Certified basic life support instructors.
    • Licensed sterile products trainers.

    Our instructor team is committed to students and helping to prepare them for a potential future as a Pharmacy Technician.(1) Come and talk to us about how we can help you! Call or visit Remington College in Mobile today.