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  • Women of Hope At Our Mobile Cosmetology Campus

    On January 21, 2011, 10 Cosmetology students from our Mobile, Alabama Campus offered complimentary haircutting and styling services to 10 women in need as part of a "Day of Beauty" outreach effort coordinated by Cosmetology Chair LaKeyshia Mauldin and Pastor Lonnie Honeycutt, of Haven of Hope, part of Mobile's 99 for 1 Ministries (

    A Day of Pampering for the Ladies

    The ladies, who are in the Haven of Hope program to overcome past abusive relationships or issues with addiction, visited our Mobile Campus salon and were pampered for a day by our able students Caitlin Givan, Latoshia Irby, Dirneshia Hughes, Kimberly Lee, Angela Gilheart, Zenobia Woodard, Heather Laskey, Kaitlyn Bledsoe, Nikki Macri, and Rachael Norris.

    The haircutting and styling services were part of a day-long makeover event for the women, which also included make-up application tips from Mary Kay® representatives and professional portraits courtesy of award-winning photographer Bill Starling ( The make-up and photo sessions were held at the Haven of Hope location.

    A Chance to Give Back for Our Students

    This experience proved to be much more for our students than a valuable opportunity to practice their learned skills. Here are just some of their impressions:

    Nikki Macri said, "It was a wonderful experience, and I would love to do it more often."

    Heather Laskey said, "The event was awesome, and it was good to make the women feel better about themselves."

    Angie Gilheart was "grateful to have gotten the chance to work with these wonderful and beautiful women. It touched my heart."

    All of the other student participants echoed these positive comments.

    An Opportunity to Continue a Worthwhile Cause

    After the success of this initial experience, Ms. Mauldin committed to providing future cosmetology services to the women from Haven of Hope.

    "These makeovers really lifted the women's self-esteem and confidence. It's amazing how much a new hairstyle and make-up made them feel so much better about themselves. I can't explain it, but if women truly feel beautiful inside and out, they have a new outlook and really feel a new sense of renewal and hope in their lives. I'm so happy we could make even a small difference in these women's lives," said Ms. Mauldin.