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    Mobile Campus

    If you’ve ever had the desire to help make your community a safer place, then perhaps you should consider a degree in the criminal justice field. Remington College’s Associate degree in Criminal Justice can be earned in as few as 18 months and may help prepare you for a career working in the criminal justice system(1)

    The program at our Mobile campus is designed to prepare graduates for entry level roles such as security guards, loss prevention officers, corrections officers, and more--working in local and state departments and for private companies.(1) Within our program, you can study topics like law enforcement, criminology/victimology, legal systems, forensic science, and more.

    Remington College Mobile Campus Criminal Justice Overview

    During our criminal justice program, you will study with and under the supervision of experienced instructors that are able to give you advice and insight into the world of criminal justice.

    Our curriculum includes courses in subjects such as:(2)

    • Criminal law 
    • Criminal justice systems
    • Investigations and evidence processing
    • Law enforcement
    • Forensic science
    • Ethics and communication
    • Juvenile justice systems
    • Correctional systems
    • Security management
    • Community policing

    Criminal Justice Training

    In addition to what you study in the classroom, we offer you hands-on training in our labs using industry-standard equipment designed to simulate the real tasks of criminal justice professionals. You will be able to practice using microscopes for evidence analysis, fingerprinting kits, and the Laser Shot tool which simulates being able to draw and aim a weapon.

    We network with local organizations and agencies to provide you with firsthand experience of the criminal justice system. We have guest speakers from the area come to our campus and talk with you about the criminal justice field.

    Visit Remington College Mobile Campus Today!

    We believe in not only giving back through our programs and our graduates but by taking part in charitable work on and off campus.

    We have hosted blood drives, canned food drives, and other types of fundraising events for local causes which included the Gulf Oil Spill cleanup. We know how important your community is to you so come join us so that we can start making a difference together