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  • Mobile, AL Medical Assistant School Training

    The Mobile, Alabama area is a center for healthcare in the central Gulf Coast region.(1) And if you're looking for a medical assistant school program, then chances are you've heard of Remington College.

    Our Medical Assisting diploma program has been a part of the community since January of 2003, and we're well-known in the area thanks to hosting on-campus healthcare activities like blood drives, bone marrow drives, and more.

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    More Than Just a Medical Assistant School in Mobile, AL

    Six classrooms, two clinical labs, and two computer labs are dedicated to our Medical Assisting program in Mobile. Medical Assisting students wear blue scrubs and name badges during their entire program, so they can get accustomed to the typical uniform of the job. Within the first few weeks of class, we introduce medical assisting students to the basics of a medical office and cover vital signs and the use of lab equipment.

    In clinical labs, students have a chance to practice on basic equipment found in a medical office, including:

    • Sphygmomanometers (blood pressure meters and cuffs)
    • Phlebotomy Equipment
    • Venous blood collection and urine collection products
    • Glucometers for reading glucose (blood sugar) results
    • Microscopes/centrifuges to spin and analyze blood and urine test results
    • Otoscopes/opthalmoscopes to evaluate ears and eyes

    At the end of the program, a month-long externship allows students a chance to learn the job in the field.(2,3)

    We want our students to gain a realistic familiarity with the tools and duties of the job and to build the skills and confidence they need to succeed in a variety of medical office settings.(3)

    Certification for Mobile Medical Assisting Students

    Included in the cost of tuition is the first attempt of the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) exam. (4,5)

    Medical Assisting program graduates may also be eligible for other certification and licensure opportunities.

    Activities for Mobile Medical Assistant Trainees

    • Guest speakers: Visitors to our Campus have included representatives from the American Red Cross and organizations like Our Sister's Closet in Mobile, along with prior Remington College Medical Assisting graduates.
    • Community participation: Local events that Mobile Medical Assisting students have participated in have included:
      • LifeSouth/Red Cross blood drives
      • Bone Marrow registry drives
      • On-Campus community fairs/job fairs
      • Food and clothing drives
      • Toys for Tots campaigns

    We encourage our students to get involved – not only in their studies, but also in helping others and giving back to the local community.

    And speaking of getting involved: Our instructors have broad experience in the healthcare field and enjoy sharing their expertise and experiences with our Mobile students. So if you're interested in a potential future in healthcare, we'd be pleased to have you visit our college campus in Mobile today!

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