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  • Limited Scope X-Ray Technician School in Mobile, AL(1)

    Finding a limited scope X-ray tech school program in the Mobile may be easier than ever, thanks to Remington College! We've offered classroom and clinical medical assistant training in Mobile since April 2010.

    We can help you pursue your CCMA certification!

    Call or request information now to learn more about our limited scope X-ray tech school program in Mobile, AL.

    Mobile, AL, Limited Scope X-Ray Tech Training Program

    Our limited scope X-ray training in Mobile features classroom learning reinforced by hands-on skills practice to offer a well-rounded, career-focused learning experience.(2)

    In fact, you'll begin using our X-ray training equipment within your first week!

    Our lab equipment includes two X-ray machines and several computers for research.

    This equipment is enhanced by an extensive array of 3D models, poster/diagrams, and a library of medical books.

    In addition, you'll have an opportunity to learn from the pros in a real work environment through our month-long externship, which is built into this diploma program!(3)

    In our Mobile limited scope X-ray tech classes:

    • The limited scope X-ray modules focus on the essential components of radiography so you can learn how to perform radiographs of the anatomy.
    • The program also supplies the knowledge essential to performing X-ray examinations using the lowest doses of radiation to the patient while producing high-quality images for the physician or practitioner.

    Our Limited Scope X-ray Tech school program can help you build your skills and confidence as you learn to use the tools of the trade and understand the job from both sides, as you assume the roles of technician and patient in our lab exercises.

    Limited Scope X-Ray Technician Certification

    As you learn and practice your skills in your classes and labs, you can prepare for your medical assisting and limited scope X-ray certification exams at the same time.

    Our limited scope X-ray training program at our Mobile school gives you a chance to pursue your certification once you're done with your externship and have finished your limited scope X-ray technician training modules. The exam is offered on campus, complete with a review class beforehand to help you get ready!

    Remington College's program offers the following certification:

    • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)

    Mobile Limited Scope X-Ray Tech Program Instructors

    Our academic team offers our technicians-in-training solid support and encouragement. They have worked in Mobile County, so they know what local healthcare concerns are and what providers and patients are looking for.

    Our instructors are excited about the role they play in giving our students a chance for success in the field of medical assisting.(2) And they enjoy sharing their experience in this field!

    As a team, our limited scope X-ray instructors have gained these credentials:

    • Registered radiologic technologist and respiratory technician.
    • Registered medical laboratory technician.
    • Registered emergency management technician.
    • Bachelor-level degree or above.
    • Over 64 years of collective experience in the medical field, ranging from:
      • Air Force duty.
      • Work in local hospitals.
      • Cardiology office management (multiple offices).
      • Naval duty.
      • Expertise in hospital care, urgent care, internal medicine, and orthopedic imaging.
    • Several years of combined teaching experience.

    Come talk to us about what we can offer you! Call or visit our Limited Scope X-ray Tech school program in Mobile today.