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  • Nashville Cosmetology Graduate Named "Diploma Graduate of the Quarter"

    Congratulations to Ms. Nina Williams! Ms. Williams is a graduate of our Remington College - Nashville Cosmetology Program and has received our "Diploma Graduate of the Quarter" award for the First Quarter of 2010. Here is her story:

    Nina Williams has had several jobs over the years, but what she wanted was a real change in her life. That change included finding a career she loved. Undaunted in her quest to achieve that goal, Nina chose to enroll in the Cosmetology diploma program at Remington College - Nashville Campus because she felt that the program had structure, and she knew she enjoyed working in a structured environment.

    As a Cosmetology student, Nina was eager to learn and always willing to pitch in and help. She was, and still is, very involved in the College, the local community, and her church. Says Nashville Cosmetology Department Chair Regina Wade, "Nina is a very warm, caring person."

    "In fact, she took in some of our students to live with her during their enrollment at school, because she feels everyone should have the chance at a good education and a better life. She also knows that in doing so, some individuals might have to face obstacles like an unstructured home life or financial difficulties. Nina says that she is blessed to be in position to help people who are working hard and just need a hand."

    After making the President's Honor Roll for 10 of her 12 modules and receiving multiple monthly awards for "most service dollars sold" and "most retail sold," Nina graduated in January 2010 with a GPA of 3.85.

    She began her new career as a hairstylist in April, when she was hired by the Premier Salon at Macy's. And in less than a year, Nina has proven herself professionally and is a candidate for a management position.

    Nina is now a member of our College's Cosmetology Professional Advisory Committee and has volunteered as a guest speaker, not only for Cosmetology but also for Criminal Justice (because in a prior career, Nina was a guard in the Nashville prison system). Nina has also expressed interest in hiring some of our soon-to-be graduates, since she is now in a position to hire for the salon she works for.

    Nina's continuing commitment to better herself and share her wisdom and knowledge, coupled with her generous spirit, caring heart, and willingness to lend a hand, has made her a role model for everyone at the Campus and in the Nashville community.