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  • Nashville College Spends a Night Out Fighting Crime

    Remington College - Nashville Campus held its annual "National Night Out" against crime on Tuesday, August 2, 2011. Instructors Sherria Brown and Courtney Harvey and our Criminal Justice associate's degree students in Nashville organized the event, which played host to more than 150 participants.

    Nashville's Finest Come to Remington College
    In addition to community members, several Nashville-based organizations were in attendance, including Mending Hearts and Davidson County Partners for Children's Health, along with a group of police officers from the Metro Police Department (in their patrol cars) and some fire fighters from the Nashville Fire Department (with their fire truck).

    Nashville police officers presented information about the importance of community involvement and tips on how to stay safe in the neighborhood, and our fire fighters demonstrated their skills as they lifted a 100-foot extension ladder and climbed to the top.

    A Fun and Educational Team Effort by Nashville College Students and Staff
    Inside the Campus, Criminal Justice students teamed with students from other programs to fingerprint and photograph more than 60 children in attendance as part of our Child ID activity.

    Medical Assisting and Medical Billing and Coding groups documented each child's height and weight and provided glucose testing to ensure healthy blood sugar levels. Dental Hygiene group took the children's dental impressions, while our Dental Assisting students administered fluoride applications. And Cosmetology students painted the children's nails and faces - a memorable and fun addition to the event this year.

    Safety, Healthcare, and Door Prizes at Nashville National Night Out
    Each child's parents received a kit complete with their child's fingerprints, dental impressions, personal data, and an ID photo. Each child received a dental goody bag and school supplies, and parents entered raffles for a chance to win a Cosmetology goody bag, five gift certificates to our student Cosmetology salon, and five gift certificates good for our Dental Hygiene clinic.

    Everyone enjoyed hot dogs, popcorn, and other treats donated by Hostess Brands, Frito-Lay, and Tri-Star Energy/Daily's. Attendees also had some fun with inflatable basketball, a chalk terrace, coloring books, and face and nail painting.

    Nashville College Students Display Collaborative Spirit
    "This collaborative effort shows the great team spirit of our Remington students. All of our students and attending staff went about their tasks enthusiastically and made everyone feel welcome and comfortable, even in spite of the record-high temperatures," said Lead Criminal Justice Instructor Sherria Brown.

    Remington College in Nashville hopes to have assisted our community in hosting one of the best "National Nights Out" in the nation. Special thanks to the Criminal Justice, Dental Hygiene, Dental Assisting, Medical Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding, and Cosmetology students at Nashville Campus who helped make this event such a success.