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  • Dental Assisting

    Nashville Campus

    You have a choice when it comes to your education, and our Nashville school is committed to providing key skills and knowledge in the field of dental assisting.

    From externships, to lab work, to lectures, we can help you prepare for a potential career that can make you smile.(1)

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    Remington College - Nashville Campus Dental Assistant Diploma Program Overview

    At Remington College - Nashville, we don't waste your time with fluff. As a student in our Nashville dental assisting school program, you'll begin working in the lab during your very first module. From the beginning of your education with us, you'll learn key technical skills, such as how to process and develop radiographs.

    Classes here are hands-on: Our dental lab is divided into three different workstations and is set up to simulate a real dental office, complete with patient chair, dentist chair, dental assistant chair, computer, dentist unit, and dental assistant unit.

    The lab also features:

    • An automatic daylight loader for X-ray production.
    • Digital radiology.
    • A panoramic X-ray unit.
    • Three model trimmers.
    • Typodont for developing radiographs.
    • Three dental vibrators that assist with constructing dental casts.

    Remington College in the Nashville Community

    Working with the community lets our students give back and enhance their skills. Students in our Nashville Dental Assistant training program have ample opportunities to make community connections.

    • Guest Speakers: Our students have met with speakers from Crest, Sonicare, Hu-Friedy, Nashville Cares, Heartland Dental, and Interfaith Dental Clinic. These speakers have given our students valuable insight about product knowledge, patient care, dentist expectations, and employability skills.
    • Networking and Social Events: Students are encouraged to join the American Dental Assisting Association (ADAA), a nationally recognized organization that provides students with dental assisting newsletters and even offers scholarships to those who qualify.
    • Campus Support Services: We offer tutoring from our program instructors and from student mentors.
    • Community Involvement: Remington College gives back, and dental assisting students at our  Nashville Campus have helped the local community safeguard local children by creating “toothprints.” Since dental imprints are as unique as fingerprints, capturing a child's toothprint can help with identification and even scent-dog tracking (because of the saliva). Safe Smiles is one of many community activities that you as a Remington College Dental Assisting student can participate in to get to know locals and practice your skills.

    Dental Assisting Certification

    As a Nashville Dental Assisting student, you may enjoy the opportunity to engage in an externship if you qualify, giving you the chance to learn in an actual dental office setting.(2)

    Many of our students have told us they love working with actual patients, learning new ideas from experienced dental assistants, and working with dentists. In fact, some of our past students have been hired by Nashville-area dental assisting offices straight out of their externships.(1,2)

    Upon completing the program, you'll be certified in dental radiology. The Tennessee Board of Dentistry requires all registered dental assistants to have that certification, so you'll already have that out of the way.

    You'll also need to apply to become a Registered Dental Assistant, and Remington College covers that fee! Our Nashville Campus also provides continuing education courses in dental assisting that are offered at no extra charge for our graduates.

    Visit our Nashville Campus Today!

    All of our Nashville campus Dental Assisting instructors are Tennessee-licensed, real-world dental professionals who have been in the dental field for nearly 80 years combined!

    Our instructors stay fresh with their skills, knowledge, continuing education, and certifications, and they bring energy and teaching talent to the classroom.

    While our most popular class might be chairside assisting because it combines technical knowledge with hands-on skills, all of our classes are geared toward giving you well-rounded training in the dental assisting field.