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  • Pharmacy Technician Diploma

    Nashville Campus

    With Nashville, Tennessee a major center for the health sciences,(1) Remington College - Nashville Campus and its predecessor companies have been pleased to be training people in that health sciences community since Fall 2003, and we're excited to have added Pharmacy Technician training to our program offerings in April 2014.

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    Remington College - Nashville Campus Pharmacy Technician Program Overview

    Our Pharmacy Tech training program in Nashville features classroom instruction and significant lab time to help you grasp concepts and skills and put them into practice. During your training in our Campus labs, you'll get to take turns role-playing scenarios as if you were in an actual pharmacy setting.

    • Weighing scales.
    • Laminar airflow hoods.
    • Hotplate stirrers, beakers and graduated cylinders.
    • Syringes, needles.
    • Capsule and tablet makers and molds.
    • IV bags and tubing.
    • Ointment tubes.
    • And a variety of packaging items.

    Pharmacy Technician Training

    Our Nashville Pharmacy Technician program also features a capstone course, designed to review and integrate pharmacy technology concepts taught throughout the program. The course is also designed to prepare you  to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT).(3)

    And that’s not all! An externship during the last part of your program gives you another chance to apply your skills – in a real pharmacy setting.(4)

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    Our Pharmacy Tech instructors in Nashville are qualified instructors who have industry expertise in the healthcare field.

    They know the science and the business of retail and hospital pharmacy settings, and they are eager to teach you what they know to help prepare you for your potential future in the field.(2)

    If you'd like to play a future role in the pharmacy technician industry in Nashville, take the first step: Train with an education provider that offers the hands-on training and support you're looking for.(2) Contact us today to learn more.

    The Nashville Pharmacy Technician diploma program has programmatic accreditation from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) The ASHP is a nationally recognized non-profit pharmacy association that has been accrediting pharmacy technician training programs since 1983. The group says this about accreditation: "Accreditation seeks to enhance the quality of a program/ institution by promoting self evaluation; encouraging quality improvement; and providing public accountability by ensuring specific criteria are met."