• Online Organizational Management Bachelor's Degree Program

    The Remington College online Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Management offers fundamental training in both business and management. This program may be perfect for self-starters who hope to enhance their existing career or strike out on an entirely new path as it gives students the opportunity to learn key decision-making, problem-solving, and technical skills in order to prepare them for an entry-level management position.(1)

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    Organizational Management Bachelor's Degree Program Overview

    The online Organizational Management Program at Remington College is designed to give you the opportunity to sharpen your leadership and problem-solving skills while testing your organizational strengths in an online learning environment.

    Topics covered in this online organizational management degree program include:

    • Managing people and projects
    • Gaining the technical skills and knowledge used in management-level business decisions
    • Exploring the ethical and moral considerations of business.

    Organizational Management Course Details

    The Organizational Management Bachelor's Degree program requires completion of 120 online semester credit hours. Degree candidates will need to have completed 60 semester credit hours in associate's coursework along with 60 semester credit hours in online bachelor's degree or upper-level coursework.(1) Online program completion may take as few as 18 months for full-time students, assuming the student has met the prerequisites for admission.

    Courses required for the online Organization Management Degree include the following:

    • Managerial Accounting
    • Project Management
    • Management Theories
    • Strategic Management
    • Marketing Management
    • Human Resources Management

    There are also three bachelor or upper-level general education requirements for the online Organizational Management Degree Program: environmental science, political science, and foundations of philosophy.

    Organizational Management Bachelor's Degree - Graduate Feedback

    "Of all my educational accomplishments, I am most proud of my degree from Remington.

    I came to Remington with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Madison College, in Madison, WI. I received an MBA in Public Administration via independent study from Concordia University. I then earned a certificate of specialization in Management and Supervisory Development from Saint Louis Community College, and one in Project Management.

    But the level of care and compassion I received from Remington has been something that I cannot put into words. The most important aspect of my Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from Remington College was not the courses or what I learned, it was how I was treated. And I received compassion from administrators as if I were a close personal family member.

    I am grateful for my experience with Remingtonā€¦. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for my awesome experience!"

    - Tauvaris M., August 2011 Graduate, BS in Organizational Management(2)