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  • Online Paralegal Courses

    Imagine the convenience of an online paralegal degree program combined with a curriculum that is designed to help prepare you to work in the legal system, including: courts, businesses, law firms and government agencies.(1)

    With our online paralegal program, you have the opportunity to study a broad curriculum that will expose you to a variety of legal topics, theories and practices. From civil litigation and trial preparation to family and probate law to business and contracts, our curriculum covers a wide variety of today’s legal matters. 

    Associate or Lower-Level Paralegal Core Curriculum

    • Packaged Applications
    • Introduction to Paralegal Studies
    • Legal Research
    • Legal Writing
    • Legal Liability and Ethics
    • Civil Litigation and Trial Preparation
    • Business and Contracts Law
    • Family Law
    • Probate Law
    • Real Estate Law
    • Bankruptcy Law