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  • Pharmacy Technician Curriculum

    Our Pharmacy Technician Diploma Program offers courses in pharmacy practice, dosage calculations and more.

    Receive training in prescription interpretation, sterile product mixtures and compounding, and the relationship between the pharmacist and the pharmacy technician.

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    Pharmacy Technician Courses

    As a part of our Pharmacy Technician classes, you will have the opportunity to train in a realistic pharmacy setting, working side-by-side with experienced pharmacy technicians.(1,2,3,4)

    Pharmacy Technician Courses(5)

    • Pharmacy Practice
    • Dosage Calculation
    • Therapeutics, Prescription Entry, and Billing
    • Sterile Products and Quality Assurance (Sterile Products Certification Exam)
    • Therapeutics and Pharmacy Law
    • Extemporaneous Compounding and Inventory Management (Extemporaneous Compounding Certification)
    • Therapeutics and Medical Safety
    • Career Development Fundamentals
    • Career Development Principles
    • Introduction to Algebra Part I
    • Introduction to Algebra Part II
    • Health Science Essentials (includes CPR certification exam)
    • Health Science Business Procedures
    • Law, Ethics, and Therapeutic Communication
    • Capstone and Certification Preparation
    • Pharmacy Technician Externship (200 hours)

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