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  • Train on Manufacturing and Process Engineering Equipment

    If you want to work in a hands-on setting, testing technological equipment or analyzing manufacturing processes, our career college in Mobile, Alabama; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Dallas (Garland), Texas; or Houston (Webster), Texas adheres to the belief that your best path to potential employment is to learn by doing.

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    Process Technology Equipment

    Because of the operational nature of process tech jobs in manufacturing and processing plants, it's important that you train in real time, on real working models in your classrooms and labs.

    With Remington College's Process Technology program, you can learn from instructors with process engineering experience, using industry-standard training models, AND earn your associate degree in the process.

    Prepare for Engineering Careers in a Manufacturing Environment

    Remington College gives you a chance to get practical, in-depth training in the equipment most commonly used in today's industrial manufacturing and production plants. This helps to ensure that you're prepared for entry-level employment in complex, demanding settings like petroleum refineries, pulp and paper manufacturing plants, food and beverage processing plants, power generation plants, wastewater treatment facilities, and chemical manufacturing plants.(1)

    Learn On State-of-the-Art Engineering and Process Training Equipment

    Click on the names of just a few of the state-of-the-art industrial training models to learn more about the equipment you will use and learn on in our Process Technology Program: