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  • Pharmacy Technician School

    Do you dream of working in a pharmacy? Consider Pharmacy Technician Training

    As the number of middle-aged and elderly people increases in the United States, so does the expected demand for skilled pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy Technician diploma students have the opportunity to learn the basics of drug interactions, medical abbreviations, and dealing with patients. Training also includes a background in anatomy and physiology, and courses in first aid, career development, and computers, as well as pharmacy law and ethics.

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    Who should consider Pharmacy Technician career training?

    If you have a strong eye for detail and enjoy helping people, consider exploring a career with pharmacy technician training. Pharmacy technicians interact with patients, coworkers and health care professionals.


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    Pharmacy Courses in a Realistic Setting

    This program offers courses in pharmacology, anatomy/physiology, and dosage calculations. Receive training in medical abbreviations, prescription interpretation, drug forms and routes of administration, sterile product mixtures and more.


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    Find a Pharmacy Technician Training Program Near You

    Our Pharmacy Technician Program is offered in Baton Rouge, Cleveland, Columbia, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston (Greenspoint), Houston (Webster), Houston (West Chase), Lafayette, Little Rock, Memphis, Mobile, Nashville, and Shreveport.

    Pharmacy Technician job duties and responsibilities

    By enrolling in our Pharmacy Technician Diploma Program, you'll have the opportunity to develop relevant job skills and learn from industry experienced instructors.

    After earning your pharmacy technician diploma, you may qualify to work as an entry-level technician in the field of pharmacy.(2,3) 

    What do Pharmacy Technicians do?

    Pharmacy technicians work under the supervision of licensed pharmacists in many different types of retail locations, as well as hospitals.(2) The scope of work for pharmacy technicians is constantly broadening. They mix and measure medication, maintain patient profiles, and handle insurance claims as well as receive prescriptions and take inventory.(1) 

    But maybe the most important part of a pharmacy technician's job is helping patients. As a Remington College instructor puts it in our video, pharmacy technicians have “a direct link to making someone well.”

    For Disclosures of Tuition Costs, On Time Graduation Rates, Median Loan Debt, Placement Rates and Occupational Information, click on the Disclosures Tab on this webpage. 

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    What are available Pharmacy Technicians job opportunities?

    The future is expected to be bright for pharmacy technician graduates. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment of pharmacy technicians to grow 20 percent from 2012 through 2022, much faster than the national average for all occupations.(1,2,3) 

    The Pharmacy Technician Diploma Program at Remington College can help prepare you for an entry-level career as a pharmacy technician with hands-on training and instruction from teachers with real-world experience.(2,3) 

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    What will you study in our Pharmacy Technician courses?

    As a student in our Pharmacy Technician diploma program, you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of drug interactions, medical abbreviations, and dealing with patients.

    Your pharmacy technician training will include a basic background in human structure and function, and you will have the chance to take courses in first aid, career development, and computers, as well as pharmacy law and ethics. Find out more about our pharmacy technician courses.

    Other Healthcare Programs

    Remington College also offers alternative educational routes that may help expand your education and potential career options.(2,3) 

    Medical Assisting
    Remington College's Medical Assisting diploma program offers a combination of classroom medical assistant training, hands-on laboratory experiences, and an opportunity to work in an externship to learn the key skills you will need to pursue entry-level medical assisting roles (2,3,4,5) 

    Medical Assisting with X-Ray (Limited Scope)Our Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) diploma program helps to prepare you for this important health care specialty area. Our program includes classroom study, several hands-on X-Ray labs, and clinical experiences, along with key general education skills like written and oral communications, psychology, and more.(4,5) 

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    Students must pass both certifications prior to the externship component of training. Both certifications are required to successfully complete the program.

    Which Pharmacy Technician certifications will students be eligible for?

    During your Remington College pharmacy technician coursework, you'll have the opportunity to learn sterilization procedures and pursue National Pharmacy Technician Association's Sterile Products Certification.

    You'll also be eligible to sit for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board's Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam for an opportunity to become a certified pharmacy technician.(3) 

    Remington College's Pharmacy Technician Program is available at these campus locations: Baton Rouge, LA; Cleveland, OH; Columbia, SC; Dallas, TX; Fort Worth, TX; Houston (Westchase), TX; Houston (Greenspoint), TX; Houston (Webster), TX; Lafayette, LA; Little Rock, AR; Memphis, TN; Mobile, AL; Nashville, TN; and Shreveport, LA.

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    (1) BLS statistics represent national job growth expectations and are not necessarily reflective of local market conditions.
    (2) Employment upon graduation not guaranteed.
    (3) Additional requirements for state licensure/certification may apply.
    (4) Must meet minimum GPA requirements to qualify for externship program.
    (5) Certain restrictions may apply.
    (6) Curriculum may vary by campus location. Courses listed are not guaranteed. Contact your local campus for course availability.