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  • Why do we hold blood drives? To save lives, benefit our healthcare students, and more!

    By donating one pint of blood, you may be saving up to three lives.

    That's just the first of many reasons Remington College encourages students, faculty, and staff to participate in our 3 Lives Blood Drive campaign.

    Blood Drives Benefit Our Healthcare College Students

    Blood drives provide students in our healthcare programs with the chance to experience a substantial and important healthcare undertaking, right on their own campus.

    Our healthcare college students have the opportunity to see professional healthcare workers in action while learning about patient care, sterilization, record keeping, and more. They see real-world applications of what they are learning in their classrooms and labs.

    "It was very easy for me to give blood for the first time, because I had just finished learning how to draw blood, check blood pressure, and take the HGB test to determine anemia," said Stephanie Acosta, Medical Assisting student, after donating her blood for the cause.

    Blood Drives Benefit College Students in Other Areas of Study

    College students in other areas of study also benefit from an opportunity to see their campus promote charity and community service. They see their peers walking outside to give blood, lose their fear, and join in the cause, all while interacting with fellow students, staff, and instructors, some of whom they might not otherwise have the chance to interact with.

    For some students, it may be their first opportunity to connect with the community through volunteerism.

    Blood Drives Benefit Our Communities

    Remington College's 3 Lives program has touched the lives of hundreds of people - both donors and recipients.

    First and foremost, the 2,605 pints of blood collected this year at Remington College campuses may save as many as 7,815 lives in our local communities.

    Also, the 3 Lives Blood Drive effort helps to recruit new minority blood donors and raise awareness of blood disorders. According to the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, more than 2.5 million people carry the sickle cell trait in the U.S. - mostly African Americans. 80,000 in the U.S. have sickle cell disease, and 1,000 babies are born with sickle cell disease each year.

    We encourage everyone at all of our Remington College locations to continue their participation in this worthwhile, life-saving cause and encourage their friends and families to participate as well.