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  • Getting a College Education Is a Family Business at Remington College - Fort Worth Campus

    Contributed by Joy Cornwell, Campus Librarian

    Recognizing that the family is one of the most important units in society, Remington College - Fort Worth Campus encourages family involvement throughout the process of enrolling in school, attending classes, and ultimately, graduating.

    We see families every day at our Fort Worth Campus, and we are fortunate to have several sets of family members who attend classes here, including sisters, cousins, a brother and sister, a husband and wife, a mother and daughter, and a father and son. Here, we spotlight two of our Fort Worth families who are truly making learning a "family business."

    The Williamses

    Medical Billing and Coding student Rebecca Williams attends school with her daughter Anna-Maria Williams, who is a Pharmacy Technician student. They support each other in more ways than one.

    "We drive to and from campus together, and with my mom driving it allows me to quiz her on class material," said Anna. Her mom Rebecca said, "I drilled into Anna the importance of not putting off going to college and going out there and getting what you want out of life."

    As they commute to and from our Fort Worth college, study together, and find ways to laugh in-between, both mother and daughter recognize and appreciate the emotional support and encouragement they find in one another. And their mutual focus is showing: Last month, each student was recognized at the Campus's monthly awards ceremony.

    The Youngs

    Father and son Lloyd Young, Jr., and Lloyd Young, III, are two peas in a pod. "He gives me the determination to succeed, and I know he's always going to be there," said Lloyd Young, III, a Pharmacy Technician student.

    Medical Assisting student Lloyd Young, Jr., noted, "My son is my muse, and it feels good to see your son doing something with his life. We support each other."