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  • Remington College Receives National Partner of the Year Award from America's Blood Centers

    Remington College selected as first recipient of new award for blood drive efforts

    Remington College has been selected as the first recipient of America's Blood Centers' National Partner of the Year Award.

    The award, presented at ABC's Awards of Excellence banquet on March 21, recognizes Remington College for its 3 Lives blood drive campaign, an effort to raise awareness of the need for minority blood donors, as well as collect blood on each Remington College campus. The program is called 3 Lives because three lives may be saved for every one pint of blood collected.

    The 3 Lives campaign focuses on the need for minority donors - especially African Americans. African American donors provide blood with unique antigens that is vital for people battling sickle cell and other life-threatening diseases.

    While the effort centers on African American donors, everyone is encouraged to give blood. Blood collected at 3 Lives blood drives goes to hospitals and blood centers in the local Remington College communities.

    With the help of many ABC members, Remington College collected 2,650 pints of blood in 2010. The 2011 effort begins in April, with the first round of blood drives on each Remington College campus.

    "We are pleased to bestow this honor on Remington College for their extraordinary effort in encouraging blood donation nationally amongst minority donors," said America's Blood Centers' President Tom Schallert. "The success of the 3 Lives Campaign demonstrates the impact that our community partners can have in raising awareness of the need for regular blood donation so that millions of men, women and children may receive life-saving blood transfusions."

    "It is a great honor to be the first recipient of this award from America's Blood Centers," said Jack Forrest, Remington College President and CEO. "We look forward to working together to continue to try and close the gap on minority blood donation."

    Based in Heathrow, Florida, Remington College is a non-profit career college that offers diploma and degree programs at 20 campuses throughout the United States. Its mission is to provide career-focused education through a variety of programs, including nursing, cosmetology, business office management and criminal justice.