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    criminal justice

    'I graduated from the Criminal Justice Associate Degree program at Remington College. The classes are small, which gave me more personal time with professional instructors. Now that I've graduated from Remington College and obtained this position with the United States Border Patrol, I'm ready to go out into the field and make a difference for my country.'

    – Victor C. (Graduate), Remington College - North Houston Campus

    pharmacy tech schools

    'I enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program. The day I moved out of my parents' home was the best day of my life. Having a home is something that is just amazing. Knowing that, because I went to school, I accomplished something and I got a beautiful apartment out of it... It's nice to know that everything in that home is mine, and it's a starter to building a bigger and better dream. My future now is amazing.'

    – Amy G. (Graduate), Remington College - Dallas Campus

    business administration program

    'I was working as a fast food restaurant manager, and I got tired of the long hours, and not being there for my family. I graduated from Remington College's Business Administration Associate Degree Program. Now I own my own business, and I make the schedule. I'm able to spend more time with my family; you can't put a price tag on that.'

    -Juan R. (Graduate), Remington College - Dallas Campus

    dental assisting program

    'I've had some real setbacks in my life. I wanted more for myself and my children. My friends told me about Remington College. Remington College completely prepared me for my job that I am working in now. I make more money, and I work less hours. My children deserve a happy mom, and that's what my career did for me: it made me a happier mom.'

    -Amanda P. (Graduate), Remington College - Cleveland West Campus

    'I picked Remington College because I decided I had to make a change. Where I work now is a professional atmosphere. I love my job; my future is bright. Now that I have an education, I think that it is going to impact my daughter's future. Hopefully she'll want to do the same thing and make something out of her life.'

    -Mindy B. (Graduate), Remington College - North Houston Campus