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  • Shreveport College Electronic Technology Instructor and Accomplished Musician Thomas Dewett Strikes a Chord with Students

    Thomas Dewett's musical talent has afforded him many opportunities to travel the country and the world throughout the last 40 years. Now, as a one of our valued Shreveport College instructors, Mr. Dewett has two primary goals: to pass along his expertise in electronic technology to students, and to share his musical knowledge with them so they can experience the joy of making music.

    Technology Meets the Arts

    Mr. Dewett offers guitar lessons after his Electronic Technology classes twice a week. "I've played in several countries and in a lot of venues, clubs, and bars, and I still play and enjoy it," said Mr. Dewett, adding, "Now, as an instructor, I have a great opportunity to 'pass it on' by teaching some of my students how to play the guitar. With all of my opportunities, it is time to pass it on."

    Lessons with Mr. Dewett

    Terrence Greene, a student of Mr. Dewett's in both electronic technology and music, appreciates the time his instructor offers to teach him to play the guitar.

    "Lessons with Mr. Dewett are interesting and challenging, because now I have two things to study and focus on," said Mr. Greene as he reflected on what his guitar lessons have meant to him: "Playing the guitar has opened my eyes and mind to different cultures and styles of music. There is nothing more pure than a guitar."

    How Mr. Dewett's Career Began

    Mr. Dewett's career as a musician and performer started in the 1970s, after viewing a repertory theater concert. Shortly afterward, Mr. Dewett auditioned for and was asked to join a traveling ensemble in Los Angeles, California. As musician for the group, he headed out on his first company tour through northern California, Oregon, and Washington.

    His Travels Through Southeast Asia

    Six weeks into his first trip, Mr. Dewett was asked to take a detour for the United States Air Force. He and three other theater musicians had been contracted to perform in Southeast Asia for isolated bases. He played the guitar and sang for troops in Hawaii, Guam, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand. On a couple of occasions, his performances were recorded at local radio stations.

    His Caring Approach with Shreveport College Students

    Director of Education Dr. Katie Reynolds commented on Mr. Dewett's valuable contributions to our Shreveport students: "Thomas is a very involved instructor. He sees a need and fills it. He has a wonderful spirit about him that emanates care and concern for all those around him.

    "He saw a need with students who were interested in playing the guitar and set up time after class with them to teach them. This has truly led to the students seeing him in a different light. Tom brings a wonderful breath of fresh air to our Electronic Technology program here at Shreveport."