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  • Shreveport Medical Assisting Student Sends Holiday Greeting Cards to Overseas Military Personnel

    Contributed by Kristi Kohl, Shreveport Campus Librarian

    Shreveport Medical Assisting student Allysha Free-Lukasheay sent holiday wishes overseas to our country's military personnel as recognition for the sacrifice they make and the holiday season they spent separated from their families.

    Allysha collected 30 holiday greeting cards to send to overseas soldiers in an effort to show appreciation and support for their service from her fellow Remington College students and faculty.

    Why Reaching Out to Troops Over the Holidays Was Important

    Allysha has friends who are currently serving in the military. One friend in particular has been to Iraq twice and helped Allysha get the information she needed to forward the cards to the soldiers.

    Allysha remarks, "We sat and talked about how difficult it was for him to miss spending the holidays with his family, and he thanked me for doing this. This is something I plan to continue to do for a very long time."

    Allysha Was Inspired to Help

    She got the idea from her grandmother who participated in mailing holiday cards to the troops with her church group. Allysha said, "It really inspired me because it made me sit down and think about everything the soldiers are doing for us and our country. I wanted to show my appreciation and support. It makes me feel like I am really doing a great thing."

    Medical Assisting Student Makes Shreveport College Faculty Proud

    The Medical Assisting Program Chair Clark Riser stated, "With our ever growing community outreach program, I was truly impressed with Allysha's initiative and I jumped at the chance to give thanks and a Merry Christmas to the men and women who chose to serve and protect our country."

    Dr. Catherine Reynolds, Director of Education, commented, "Allysha Free-Lukasheay's service to our troops overseas is fantastic. I was struck by her commitment to send them cards and thank them for their service during this holiday season. We've got learning and teaching moments each and every day, and this was a great example of both to all of us!"

    Allysha's Future Plans to Reach Out to Soldiers

    Not only will Allysha's cards warm some soldiers' hearts this holiday season, she plans to collect items for care packages to send over in the spring, too. She states, "All we can do is try to help as much as possible and try to do for the soldiers what they are doing for us. Even though it is nowhere near comparable, we can still touch hearts."