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  • Shreveport Campus Mentoring Program Creates Valuable Support System for New Medical Billing and Coding

    By Mary Broussard, Department Chair, MBC Program, Shreveport Campus

    The Medical Billing and Coding (MBC) Program at Remington College - Shreveport Campus has started a voluntary mentoring program as a support system for incoming MBC students. Dubbed the Bridgebuilder Program, members held their first mixer on January 8, 2010.

    During their second week in the program, all new MBC students are given the chance to be paired with a mentor. Mentors are students who have completed a minimum of three months in the program, and all mentors must be nominated by their instructors.

    To be nominated as a mentor, you must have excellent attendance, achieve a 3.0 GPA or greater, adhere to the uniform dress policy, and demonstrate a positive attitude. Mentors must agree to their commitment by upholding the Bridgebuilder Program standards and must have a mentoring session at least once a week with the person they are mentoring.

    Our mentors have proven to be an excellent addition to the MBC Program at Shreveport. The support they've shown their 'mentees' has certainly exceeded expectations.

    Our mentors are offering more than just tutoring; they're also providing transportation, along with valuable words of encouragement, and our new students are so appreciative of that. What might be an uncertain or even daunting experience for those students has turned into a warm, welcoming experience thanks to others who have been there, and that's worth more than words can express, commented Jerry Driskill, Shreveport Campus President.