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  • Fort Worth Campus Brings Smiles to Lake Worth Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Residents

    Contributed by Joy Cornwell, Campus Librarian

    A day in late August 2011 turned a little brighter for the residents of Lake Worth Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, thanks to Remington College - Fort Worth Campus.

    Following the Campus's August 26 graduation ceremony, the flowers from the ceremony were delivered to the Lake Worth Center's residents by Director of Career Services Maria Eades.

    The idea for the donation came from Fort Worth Campus Facilities Manager Anthony Ordille, who mentioned the Center because his wife had been a volunteer there several years ago.

    Located in Lake Worth, Texas, the Center houses a total of 92 residents and provides services including dental, dietary, physical therapy, and podiatry.

    "It was such a great feeling to walk in with those flowers and see the unexpected looks on the residents' faces when they realized the flowers were for them," said Ms. Eades.

    "What a great idea for Remington College to donate their flowers so the residents could enjoy them!" said Deborah Convington, a volunteer for the nursing home, who was in dressed as a clown as part of the Center's arts and crafts activities that evening.

    Shortly after Ms. Eades' visit, she received a note thanking her and the school for the gift. The note said:

    Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangements. The residents love and enjoy them very much! Remington College has brightened everbody's day, and we can't thank you enough.

    Have a blessed day!

    — Lake Worth Nursing and Rehabilitation