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  • Columbia Cosmetology Students Entertain Local Mall Audience with Beauty and Fashion Show

    Contributed by Cosmetology Instructor Teleia Hamlin and Campus Librarian Matthew Landau

    Cosmetology students at Remington College - Columbia Campus recently put their hard work on display, creating a "Princess Wonderland" themed fashion show at the Dutch Square Mall in Columbia, South Carolina, on April 15, 2011.

    Our students spent three weeks in methodical preparation, choreographing every aspect of their performances, and ultimately dazzling the mall audience. The performance combined music, narrative, and costume design, allowing students to demonstrate their creative vision in front of an audience of instructors, friends, and mall customers.

    The students, both novice and experienced, were randomly assigned to three teams, creating an environment where students could learn to work effectively with new people, gain insights from each other, and collaborate on a shared vision. Each team member specialized in a particular aspect of cosmetology, including make-up application, wardrobe design, nail art, and hair styling.

    The students gained much from the project, forming new friendships, building confidence, and acquiring valuable experience. Students are looking forward to the next opportunity, eager to share their talents with the next audience.

    Four of Our Columbia Cosmetology Students at the Dutch Square Mall.
    (L to R): Maryalice Hair, Shakeria West, Alyshua Edgell, and Franky Perry.