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  • Honolulu Massage Therapy Students Get a Real Feel for Managing a Massage Clinic

    Students in our Honolulu Massage Therapy program got a genuine feel for the real world of running a spa or massage clinic thanks to a "Massage Therapy Expo" assignment, the culmination of Raymond Herradura's and Lorrie Wong's courses in Career Development and Business Practices and Medical Error Prevention.

    Students were randomly assigned to teams and given two weeks to prepare to be open for business as a massage therapy clinic or spa.*

    Each Massage Therapy business had to be prepared with:

    • A unique name for the group's massage therapy clinic, spa, or office.
    • Marketing materials such as business cards or gift certificates.
    • A menu or brochure of the services offered.
    • A developed business setting/ambiance.
    • A schedule of clients.
    • Staff uniforms.
    • Clinic hours.

    First-Hand Look at Honolulu Massage Therapy School
    Family, friends, and students from other Remington College - Honolulu Campus programs were invited to partake in the services offered by the mock businesses and use the event as an opportunity to see first-hand how the Massage Therapy students are working to earn their diplomas.

    Massage Therapy Students Graded on Multiple Factors
    Grades were determined by how the students worked together, how they planned and executed their business, and their level of professionalism on the day of the event. Massage Therapy students evaluated their peers, as did the clients of each mock business.

    All of the students were excited and happy to be running their own massage clinic for the day. And, since the Massage Expo is held at the end of the Career Development and Business Practices and Medical Error Prevention courses, the Campus can look forward to future Massage Therapy Expo days, with complimentary services provided to all interested parties in the name of hands-on learning for our students.

    Feedback from Honolulu Massage Therapy Students
    Student Sherri Miller reflected on the event. "The whole process of preparing and finally providing the Massage Expo to the public was an incredible experience for me. It really gave me a hands-on approach to the experience of working in the field of Massage Therapy," she said, adding, "The opportunity allowed me to gain knowledge about creating business marketing material that was applicable for the Expo and for my own future business."*

    Student Kalele Perreira noted, "The Expo was a great educational tool for us to experience the duties of running our own massage establishment. We were able to organize a business, create marketing tools, work on different clients, and set our own environment. We also learned the importance of working together as a team. It was a very fun learning experience!"

    Student Kristine Carden commented, "The Massage Expo was fun and a lot of work. It helped us get used to working with different types of people and helped us manage our time. It was definitely an experience that will help my future encounters in the field of Massage Therapy."

    * Program completion times may vary. Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.