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  • Honolulu Criminal Justice Students Welcome Detectives from the Honolulu Police Department

    At Remington College in Honolulu, Criminal Justice students don't just get hands-on training in fingerprint analysis, blood splatter detection, and the Laser Shot simulation - they also get to host detectives from the Honolulu Police Department (HPD).

    On Tuesday, August 9, about 30 students and graduates welcomed Detectives Scott Tamasaka and Raychelle Dungca, both from the HPD's Human Resources Career Center. The detectives spoke to our Criminal Justice students for an hour, covering topics on police recruitment, interviewing techniques, and the requirements for positions within the Honolulu Police Department.

    Honolulu Police Department - Human Resources Division
    The HPD was established in 1932, and as of January 2011 consists of 28 divisions and elements, with 1,959 sworn officers and 479 civilian personnel.

    The Human Resources Division is responsible for the administration of personnel matters within the HPD, which includes responsibility for recruiting, screening, and hiring new employees. With this in mind, Criminal Justice students at Remington College - Honolulu Campus paid close attention to the information presented by Detectives Tamasaka and Dungca.

    About Detective Scott Tamasaka
    Detective Tamasaka has been with the Honolulu Police Department for 21 years and has gained a wealth of varied experience during his tenure, working in Patrol, Vice Detail, Airport Detail, the Juvenile Services Division, the Weed and Seed Program, and most recently the Human Resources Division.

    About Detective Raychelle Dungca
    Detective Dungca joined the HPD at a young age and has been with the Department for 25 years. In that time, she has served in the following capacities:

    • Investigator in the Narcotics and Vice Division for 15 years, where she was cross-deputized by the FBI and cross-designated by the DEA.
    • Investigator in the HPD Traffic Division, with assignment to the Vehicular Homicide Section for five years.
    • Patrol Officer for just over three years.
    • Detective assigned to the Human Resources Division, Career Center, where she conducts background investigations of candidates applying for civilian or sworn positions within the HPD.

    Honolulu Career Services Department in Action
    This guest speaker event was organized by Job Development Specialist Paolo Delacruz, with assistance from the Criminal Justice faculty at Remington College - Honolulu Campus. "Our students were excited to get a first-hand explanation about the qualifications and requirements necessary to join the Honolulu Police Department. We look forward to inviting Detectives Tamasaka and Dungca back to our Honolulu Campus in the future," said Mr. Delacruz.