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  • For Fort Worth Medical Billing and Coding Student, Succeeding Means Hard Work - and Never Giving Up

    Did you ever go through a time in your life when you felt that everything was working against you? The true measure of a person is how you deal with that situation. Do you let it get the best of you, or do you keep your focus on getting past the setbacks and moving closer to your goal?

    Recent Fort Worth Medical Billing and Coding graduate Carissa Crum did the latter.

    At first glance, Carissa appears to be your average student. But it's what was happening in her life during her time at Remington College that helps you understand how focused and determined Carissa was.

    Overcoming Obstacles
    Carissa explains that while she was in school, she was forced to leave a difficult relationship with her then fiancé. Tough enough, although she managed to land on her feet. However, this change in her relationship caused her to have to move, and Carissa's new housing was now an hour away from our Fort Worth college. Carissa began to feel as though she couldn't catch a break. Shortly after that, she received the news that she would need to undergo sinus surgery to remove polyps that deviated her septum. However, she was forced to postpone that surgery due to yet another health-related issue.

    Medical Billing and Coding Instructor Susan King summed it up nicely, saying, "As one of Carissa's instructors, I knew early on that Carissa would be successful as a medical coder, because she continually beat the odds when she was faced with adversity and always made the best of every situation."

    Finding the Road to Success
    With support from her family, friends, classmates, and instructors, Carissa managed to finish the Medical Billing and Coding program with straight A's and perfect attendance, passed the national certification exam, and graduated on January 20, 2011.

    Then, her grandfather passed away on February 1, just a day after her birthday.

    By now, feeling worn down by the personal changes that she had dealt with, Carissa wasn't feeling particularly enthusiastic about finding a job and getting started in her new career. But that changed when her grandmother left to visit family in California and Carissa had some time to stop and think. She said, "I realized that if I wanted to be a part of something, I would have to better myself. So the first person I contacted was Chantel Jones, in the Career Services Department."

    Help from Our Fort Worth Career Services Team
    Fort Worth Career Services Representative Chantel Jones said, "Working with Carissa has been a gratifying experience for me. Carissa has used her personal trials and tribulations as a means to inspire other students to achieve their career goals. Some graduates have moments when they lose hope, and I'm grateful that Carissa trusted me enough to help her conquer what seemed to be an unmovable mountain. All in all, Carissa's perseverance led to the start of her career as a Medical Insurance Representative. And since that time, she has accepted a better opportunity as a Patient Services Representative with Baylor Hospital. I am confident that this is just the beginning of many more accomplishments for Carissa. She will blossom in all of her future endeavors."

    Ms. King agreed. "Carissa has proven once again that no one can put limits on an individual except for that individual. I look forward to her advancements in the medical billing and coding field and expect her to do very well."