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  • Tampa Cosmetology Students Help Moffitt Cancer Patients, Survivors and Others

    Tampa Cosmetology Students Help Moffitt Cancer Patients, Survivors and Others

    Through the efforts of Department Chair Marissa Rosen, the Cosmetology Department at Remington College - Tampa Campus has been a frequent participant at events sponsored by Tampa's Moffitt Cancer Center.

    "The Center has several events in the community, and they often ask us to join them. We're making every effort to be a regular participant in their ongoing initiatives to educate, support, and give back," said Ms. Rosen.

    On March 6, several Cosmetology Department representatives took part in a Moffitt-sponsored Men's Health Forum at the University of South Florida. "We provided scalp massages, male manicures, and neck trims," said Ms. Rosen.

    Her group performed more than 30 such services that day and gained some new clients for the Campus salon.

    On March 20, Ms. Rosen's group was part of "Camp Alegria," a weekend retreat held in Brandon, Florida, for Hispanic women who are cancer survivors or are currently undergoing cancer treatment.

    It was a full weekend of arts and crafts, health education, and beauty services for the women and their families.

    "I was there on Saturday, along with our instructors and about 20 students. We offered manicures, scalp massages, and hairstyling, but most importantly, we helped to teach the ladies how to work with their hair once it grows back.

    They even asked if we would be OK with shaving the heads of the women who are losing their hair, and we were," said Ms. Rosen. In addition to providing useful and well-received salon services, students distributed information about the Campus's cosmetology services to solicit future clients.

    "We love the Center, their cause, and the feeling that we get from working with people who have been through so much and truly appreciate the little things in life," stated Ms. Rosen.

    For more information about Moffitt Cancer Center, visit http://www.moffitt.org/. For more details visit our cosmetology college in Tampa.