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  • Giving Back: Remington College - Tampa Campus Teams with the Dress for Success Tampa Bay

    Students in Cosmetology Program Offering Complimentary Haircuts and Manicures to Selected Recipients

    The Cosmetology Department at Remington College - Tampa Campus has coordinated with the local Tampa Bay affiliate of the Dress for Success® Program to offer complimentary haircuts and manicures to deserving women who have overcome tremendous life challenges, rehabilitated their lives, and are now preparing to interview for jobs.

    Candidates are selected for a complimentary haircut, blow-dry, and manicure by Dress for Success Tampa Bay Executive Director Katie McGill and her team of volunteers. As the women visit the center to prepare for upcoming job interviews, Ms. McGill gives them a certificate to the Campus salon, entitling them to the salon services at no charge. "It's a good feeling to help people look and feel better, and these women really appreciate it. Their entire attitude changes. That's the first step in helping them to regain their confidence and change their lives," comments Cosmetology Department Chair Marissa Rosen. She adds, "It's also very gratifying for our students to help these women take the next important step in improving their future."

    "The Cosmetology students at Remington are able to give our recipients a new look, and I believe this makes them feel really special and all the more ready to put their best foot forward in job interviews," notes Ms. McGill.

    Many women who frequent the Dress for Success center have overcome abusive relationships, and several were formerly homeless. Many have come to the center after moving out of domestic shelters. According to Ms. Rosen, Dress for Success Tampa Bay helps these women with their résumés and gives them two suits, a purse, shoes, and jewelry so that they can prepare for job interviews.

    Dress for Success Tampa Bay is a not-for-profit organization.

    For more information on their efforts, contact 813-731-1249 or email For more information about Remington College's Cosmetology Program, visit