Tampa Network Administrator Training | Microsoft Certifications
  • Computer Networking Technology School in Tampa

    Remington College introduced its Computer and Network Administration associate's degree program at our Tampa Campus in January 2008.

    Our computer technician training program is a member of the Microsoft IT Academy, which means that you can earn your associate's degree PLUS up to five Microsoft certifications in as few as 18 months!

    Call or request information to learn more about our Tampa Computer Network and Administration degree.

    In-Depth Coverage of Key Computer Networking at Our Tampa Campus

    Our Tampa computer networking associate's degree program emphasizes theory and hands-on learning through coursework covering client operating systems, computer support, network implementation, and more.

    As a computer training student at Remington College in Tampa, Florida, you can benefit from a focused mix of classroom lecture with accompanying exercises and hands-on practice opportunities in a lab environment. This lets you practice your learned skills immediately and as often as you wish.

    We also encourage you to take advantage of the additional study resources available to you in preparing for your Microsoft certification exam testing.

    Tampa IT School Configuration/Program Hardware and Software

    Each computer technician training class is a complete lab, and each student has access to an individual computer.

    Available software for Computer and Network Administration students at our Tampa Campus includes:

    • Windows 7.
    • MS Office 2007.
    • Server 2008.
    • SQL Server 2008.
    • Simulation software for Routers and Switches.

    Our students conduct lab projects on hardware including:

    • CISCO routers, switches, and servers.
    • Dell and Lenovo desktop PCs.
    • ACER-Veriton mini-desktops.

    Contact Remington College today for more information about our computer training program in Tampa - and how you may qualify to earn up to five professional, industry-recognized Microsoft certifications!