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  • Wearing White Is in Fashion Year-Round for Dallas and Fort Worth Pharmacy Technician Students Who Gain Certification

    Contributed by Joy Cornwell, Campus Librarian

    Who knew that wearing white could be fashionable all year long? Leave it to our Remington College campuses in Dallas and Fort Worth!

    With inspiration from a student, our Dallas Campus came up with a way to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of their Pharmacy Technician students by permitting them to wear a white lab smock, or coat, once they gain their certification as a Pharmacy Technician (CPhT). For our Pharmacy Technician students, acquiring a CPhT certification is a great résumé enhancer and may lead to a wider variety of externship opportunities.

    "The idea for the white smock came by complete surprise," said Helen Vance, Dallas Campus Pharmacy Technician Department Chair, adding, "One of our externship sites had hired several of our graduates, and the employee dress code required them to wear a white smock. So I contacted our corporate office, and we were able to order some. As we were unpacking them in my office, a student in passing noticed them and asked 'Is that what we wear when we get certified?' We all looked at each other and said 'Why not!' and it stuck."

    Our Fort Worth Campus has also implemented the white smock into their Pharmacy Technician program, and to complement Dallas's idea, they added the CPhT abbreviation to the IDs of newly certified Pharmacy Technician students. Recent certification recipient Lloyd Young, III, came up with the ID concept. "I just thought it would be another great way to show our achievement," said Lloyd.

    The white coat has given our Pharmacy Technician students a recognizable goal to strive for that they can see every day in the halls, and it has rallied entire classes in a show of support. Our Dallas and Fort Worth externship sites also recognize the value of the white smock, as they can immediately see that they are mentoring a Certified Pharmacy Technician - aka, a serious candidate for hire - and these externs are trained as such.

    Also at the Dallas Campus, newly certified Pharmacy Technician students visit Campus President Skip Walls' office, where Mr. Walls makes sure to recognize each student for their achievement on an individual basis and is disappointed if he misses one.

    And at the Fort Worth Campus, newly certified Pharmacy Technician students meet with Campus President Gregg Falcon, who congratulates them on their well-earned achievement and takes a picture of them wearing their new white smock and appropriately titled CPhT student ID. The picture is then given to the students in our Digital Graphic Art Department, who use the photo to create a poster that is displayed inside the school for all to see.