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  • What Is Cosmetology?

    The field of cosmetology is devoted to helping others look and feel their best. As a licensed cosmetologist, you can create an experience that each of your clients will enjoy and want to repeat.                               

    Cosmetologist Duties

    On any given day, you might typically see a cosmetologist performing some of the following duties, depending on his or her specialty area and level of expertise:

    • Cutting and shaping hair or hairpieces
    • Bleaching, dying, or tinting hair
    • Combing, brushing, or spraying hair or wigs to set styles
    • Working with and attaching wigs or hairpieces to patrons' heads
    • Massaging and treating scalps for hygienic and remedial purposes
    • Performing facials and peels
    • Recommending and applying cosmetics, lotions, and creams to patrons to soften and lubricate their skin and enhance and restore its natural appearance
    • Shaping and coloring eyebrows or eyelashes and removing facial hair
    • Cleaning, shaping, and polishing fingernails and toenails
    • Scheduling client appointments and offering client consultations
    • Updating and maintaining customer information records (for example, records of beauty services provided)
    • Conducting trade show and industry platform presentations
    • Conducting training as a product sales representative

    The cosmetology field offers opportunities for creativity, artistic expression, and personal growth. Some cosmetologists may become trade show or product sales representatives or platform consultants. Some may even decide to teach at cosmetology schools.

    According to the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, the cosmetology industry "employs individuals in just about every town and city" - even on the water as part of today's cruise industry operations. Not many communities today exist without barbershops and hair salons, ranging from single-chair operations to large salons with dozens of workstations.

    Cosmetologist Licensing Exam

    To work as a cosmetologist, you must successfully pass a licensing exam in order to become licensed by the state in which you work. To be eligible for a license, you must first graduate from a state-licensed cosmetology school (like Remington College) and be at least 16 years of age.* For more information on Remington College's Cosmetology Diploma Program, featuring the MATRIX C.R.A.F.T. Program (part of L'Oreal USA's Professional Products Division).

    Individual results may vary. Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.

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    *Age requirement may differ depending upon location.