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  • X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) Training

    Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope): Take a Closer Look(1)

    Remington College’s Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) diploma program was designed to help prepare you for a career within the health care industry.(2) This diploma program offers classroom instruction as well as hands-on lab and clinical experiences. Study limited X-Ray procedures, medical insurance and coding, patient billing, and more!

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    X-Ray Technician Job Training

    What to Expect When Considering a Career in Limited Scope X-Ray Procedures

    Medical assistants with limited scope X-ray training may work with radiographic equipment to help diagnose health problems.


    X-Ray Training Classes

    Study Hands-On X-Ray Techniques

    Learn limited X-ray techniques such as radiation biology, protection, image evaluation, and how to position the body for best results.


    X-Ray Tech Tech Certifications

    More About Limited Scope X-Ray Certifications

    Learn who should pursue limited scope X-ray technician certifications and how Remington College's training program may help prepare you so you can stand out among the competition!

    X-Ray Technology and Training

    • Get the opportunity to learn patient X-ray positioning, OSHA and HIPAA rules – and more.
    • Participate in externship training in a REAL medical office.(3,4) 
    • Become eligible to pursue limited-scope radiographer, limited X-ray machine operator, or limited-scope X-ray tech certification or licensure in your state.(4,5) 

    X-ray technology is more than just looking at the structure and shape of bones; it is an important way to see inside of the human body and to assist in the diagnosis of diseases, conditions, or injuries.

    With the hands-on training provided in Remington College's X-ray classes, you can participate in both classroom and laboratory study of limited X-ray procedures. You'll have the opportunity to learn how to apply your medical assisting skills to correctly operate x-ray equipment, position patients, and develop X-rays of their internal structure.

    For Disclosures of Tuition Costs, On Time Graduation Rates, Median Loan Debt, Placement Rates and Occupational Information, click on the Disclosures Tab on this webpage. 

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    Earn a Diploma in Medical Assisting with Limited Scope X-Ray Tech Skills

    Remington College’s Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) diploma program helps to prepare you for this important health care specialty area. Our program includes classroom study, several hands-on X-ray labs, and clinical experiences, along with key general education skills like written and oral communication, psychology, and more.

    Gain Hands-On X-Ray Tech Training

    In addition, an externship opportunity lets you gain valuable practice on the job, in an actual medical office setting.(2,3) During the program, you’ll also have a chance to brush up on your career development, general education, and office skills and learn about healthcare insurance, medical laboratory procedures, and more

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    Prepare for X-Ray Technician Certification

    Once you complete the program, you'll be eligible to pursue limited radiographer, limited X-ray machine operator, or limited scope X-ray tech certification or licensure in your state.(5) As a registered, state-certified/licensed X-ray technician, you may be called on to operate fixed and portable X-ray equipment, position people so that the best X-rays can be taken, develop X-rays, or provide general assistance to X-ray technologists or other medical office personnel. (2,5) 

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    A great opportunity to train as a limited X-ray tech/radiographer is waiting for you at Remington College.

    Don't see what you are looking for? Remington College also offers this Medical Assisting option:Medical Assisting Diploma Program  

    Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) School Locations

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    Other Healthcare Training Options

    Remington College offers alternative educational routes that may help expand your education and potential career options.(2,6) 

    Medical Assisting 

    Remington College's Medical Assisting diploma program offers a combination of classroom medical assistant training, hands-on laboratory experiences, and an opportunity to work win an externship to learn the key skills you will need to pursue entry-level medical assisting roles.(2,3,4) 

    Other training options include: 

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    (1) This program should not be confused with an X-ray technologist program.
    (2) Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates. State certification/licensure may be required.
    (3) Must meet minimum GPA requirements to quality for externship program. Additional requirements may apply.
    (4) Certain restrictions may apply.
    (5) Licensure and/or certification may vary by state. Requirements may vary by state. The State of Alabama does not require certification, licensure, or registry for X-ray professionals. A safety course is required to gain employment as an X-ray operator, which Remington College includes in the Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope) diploma curriculum.
    (6) Program availability varies by campus.