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These days, it’s easy to scroll through Instagram and see stunning haircuts, colors and styles, or to head to YouTube and watch a beauty tutorial from a popular influencer.

But have you ever thought about taking those enviable looks to real life? If so, you might have considered becoming a cosmetologist.

And you’re not alone. Cosmetologists typically work with clients to discuss hairstyle options; wash, color, lighten and condition hair; cut, dry and style hair and more. The growing population, as well as more demand for cosmetology services, means the job is estimated to grow 8 percent from 2018 to 2028.1

If you’re deciding or have taken the first step into the cosmetology field, however, you might be looking for some resources to help in your education. Check out these top cosmetology resources:

  • Cosmetology publications. It’s always fun to see the latest looks and read up on today’s trends. Cosmetology publications allow you to do just that. They also feature valuable information about processes and helpful tips on the newest products. Modern Salon, Skin Inc. and GCI Magazine are just a few of the publications out there.
  • Influencers and innovators. These days, there are thousands of social media accounts you can turn to for beauty inspiration, from those with millions of followers to your favorite personal stylist or a trusted peer, mentor or teacher. Beyond that, you can always look up more on some of the biggest names in cosmetology, like Paul Mitchell, John Frieda, Vidal Sassoon and Sally Hershberger. Learning about their lives and style can provide instant inspiration.
  • Podcasts are the latest go-to for just about every subject. Why not use them to further your view of cosmetology? There are plenty to explore, like This Week in Makeup, Beauty Talk or The Beauty Brains. Find one that speaks to you.
  • Professional organizations. Looking for something a little more personal? Try connecting with a professional organization in the cosmetology field nationally or locally. These organizations might provide information on certifications and licensing, as well as networking opportunities. There are plenty out there, but the Professional Beauty Association and Association of Cosmetology Salon Professionals are a few.
  • Product safety resources. As a professional, it’s important reference product ingredient dictionaries and other product safety resources so you can be sure the products you’re using are safe for your client. The FDA has many great resources to help with a variety of questions.

1 BLS statistics represent national job growth expectations and are not necessarily reflective of local market conditions.

2 Employment not guaranteed for students or graduates.


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